• Please Let Us Introduce You The Most Effective Cargo Service In The Industry & Why You’ll Love To Work With Us

Why Do You Need Us?

Your current logistic partner has finished business for the day at 5 o’clock. You have no personal contact to transportation employees, as your business is not important enough? Multinational companies work like public authorities? Are you often passed onto different departments for questions and inquiries?

We Are Completely Different!

While big cargo leaders raising to be huge companies their business model is based on quantity instead of quality. With MG Cargo Service you can expect only the best service 24 hours a day. We are a small agency completely dedicated to our respective clients who deserves quality, rapid response, quick completion of tasks, responsibility and first class logistics.

Instead to be huge company who shuts down office phones at 5 o’clock, we are focused to build up long-term business relationships with our respective clients. Our experienced team and a huge network of associates around the World will be your trustful partner in the future years. Once you try out our services, you will become a part of a small but well treated clients.

Important Features Included with Every Shipment

  • Key Account Service

    For us, every customer is a premium-customer. We always offer quality individual care.

  • Insurance

    As an additional service we can offer you a good insurance solution for your shipments.

  • Tracking

    At any time, you will know where your goods are located and you will be informed about every detail.

  • Customizable solutions

    If you have any specific requirements, it is likely that we are able to offer you a good solution.

Meet The Team

We are experienced professionals. Before founding MG Cargo Service company, we have been working in large and well-known logistic companies in Germany and we realized some faults in this industry. Then we decided to make a company with special features and advantages.